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No man is an island. (John Donne)

How important do you think relationships are? Some people are happy left on their own, happy to be single and perfectly content in their own company. Others seek company continually and fear loneliness. But is a relationship just companionship, or is there more to it? What makes a relationship what it is, what gives it is life?

I believe we all need relationships. We need each other for support, comfort, to share experiences, to trust, to feel loved. What gives a relationship its form is our capacity for love and our ability for connection. Love gives it its life, and connecting gives it its power. That same power is what gives us as individuals our energy - and that is what we thrive on. With out that, all is lost. Isolation. An that is why "no man is an island" - we are social human beings and we cannot exist in isolation.

What do you think?

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