Types of counselling I offer



We meet in person at my practice at an arranged day and time.

The sessions lasts 50 minutes (the therapeutic hour). 



Voice over internet protocol, the sessions take place over the internet via webcam and microphone, either using Skype or Zoom. It is the same as face-to-face, but long-distance via means of videoconference. We exchange usernames and arrange a regular time and day for our sessions. This requires you to have an internet connection and to make sure you have access to a private space, free of intrusions, where you have set-up Skype or Zoom, for the duration of our session.



The consultation takes place over the telephone or via Skype teleconference (if you are outside the UK), at an arranged time and day. You will have to make sure you are in a private space, free of intrusions for the duration of our session. The session lasts 60 minutes.