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5 Oct 2015


Abuse can take on many forms: physical, sexual, emotional. Sometimes it's not so obvious, and by the time you become aware of the situation you may be too worn down to act. If you are experiencing any of the below:


  • disrespect,

  • control (financial, social, sexu...

16 Jul 2015

Why might we be compelled to isolate part of our selves from others? What kind of things might we keep buried inside us? 


The theme of this week's talk show was "Beneath the Surface". We discussed why we may feel that we have to hide difficult experiences or feelings f...

6 Jul 2015

PTSD is a reaction to exposure to a traumatic event - or consolidation of traumatic events - which interferes with daily functioning, and shows a marked change in behaviour from before the traumatic event.

In DSM-5 PTSD is now categorised under Trauma-and Stress-or-Rela...

11 Jun 2015

Research in the last ten years has yielded information on the genetic factors behind sensitive personalities. Two genes are responsible for whether we are a "dandelion", an "orchid", or something in-between. Two "dandelion" genes will make a "dandelion" type personalit...

6 Jun 2015

1. Get enough good quality sleep.

7-8 hours a day of good quality un-interrupted sleep can  boost both your mental and physical health.


2. Eat a healthy diet.

Healthy body, healthy mind.


3. Get regular exersise.

Doesn't have to be at the gym. Fast walking, keeping...

3 Jun 2015

Continuing on the subject of relationships, since we are social beings it is important that not only we interact with other people but also that we form bonds with others. The quality of those bonds will directly affect the quality of our life, the measure of our happi...

2 Jun 2015

How important do you think relationships are? Some people are happy left on their own, happy to be single and perfectly content in their own company. Others seek company continually and fear loneliness. But is a relationship just companionship, or is there more to it?...

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Trapped in an abusive relationship.

October 5, 2015

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